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Expertise in Action

Our  team averages 30 years of experience coaching soccer around the world

USSF Soccer tactics and player develop, with 20 years of coaching in USA Julio helped

to develop more than 20 players to the professional level and more than 100 to colleges D1,D2 and some into the International level.

USSF Adult Coaching Lic.

Miami is the perfect place for this kind of projects
Soccer is growing a lot in the US, and not just for Latin Americans. In Argentina we’ve been playing soccer for the last hundred years, so it’s a perfect match.

Michael Marx is a highly skilled and accomplished soccer goalkeeper Coach and field coach with a diverse background in both professional and collegiate sports. With a passion for soccer that began at a young age, Michael's journey as a goalkeeper has taken him from Germany, where he honed his skills in the competitive soccer leagues, to the United States, where he continued to excel as a coach.

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Christian Costa is a talented and passionate  soccer Coach hailing from Uruguay. With a strong track record in the sport, he has achieved numerous accolades and showcased his exceptional skills. His dedication to the game and commitment to constant improvement have made him a prominent figure in the youth  soccer scene.

Julio Alvarez is an outstanding soccer trainer and renowned youth coach with a passion for developing young talent and nurturing their skills. With a rich background in professional soccer and coaching experience, he has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to empowering the next generation of athletes through guidance, mentorship, and rigorous training methodologies.

Leonardo Dure's impact on the soccer world extended beyond individual player development. His leadership and coaching prowess led his teams to multiple championship victories at various levels, further solidifying his reputation as an exceptional trainer and coach. He also received recognition from prominent sports organizations for his contributions to youth development and coaching education

Following his illustrious playing career, Roberto Geffrad decided to channel his passion and knowledge of the game into coaching. Recognizing the importance of nurturing young talent and contributing to the growth of soccer in Haiti, he pursued coaching certifications and gained valuable insights into coaching methodologies and player development.Perhaps Roberto Geffrad's greatest impact lies in his role as a youth coach. With a keen eye for talent and a compassionate approach, he has mentored countless young players, instilling in them the values of discipline, teamwork, and dedication. His ability to motivate and inspire players has been instrumental in shaping the careers of many budding soccer talents.

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